Leadership Programmes

Our leadership programmes are focused on the key skills of an effective leader and can be bespoke to your organisational vision, values and business priorities.

Our Programmes

Inspiring a shared vision and common  purpose

+ Delivering clear communication + Team buy in and accountability

Having and keeping the right people

+ The right people on the bus, facing in the same direction + Engagement and motivation

Influence and impact

+ Positively impacting performance and results + Becoming a person of influence

Leading and empowering others

+ Working on rather than in the business. + Delegating and Coaching to succeed

Creating and retaining customer loyalty

+ Understand the correlation between employee and customer engagement + Measure and maintain/improve customer relations

Looking after yourself

+ Take Care of work life balance + Know how to manage stress for self and team + Engage in activities for professional and personal development

Knowing your business

+ Know your Key Performance Indicators + Use Forward facing indicators + People know how they impact results

Strategic thinking – trends, risks and opportunities

+ Have a strategic planning model in place + Encourage new ideas and initiatives

Coaching and feedback

+ Effectively giving and receiving feedback + The power of feedback to drive team and individual performance

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is a powerful method of personal development

benefits & outcomes

The measurable impact of coaching can include:

Increased profitability and growth. More effective leadership and confidence Ownership and accountability Improved authority and credibility Career enhancement and succession planning Increased productivity and motivation

Executive Coaching is a powerful method of personal development